Release Changelog

A CSS survival kit. Includes only the essentials to make camp.


13th Apr 2018
  • This is just a hotfix for the breakpoint-max mixin. This fix corrects Sass being unable to use the em() function within the media query. To address the issue all $breakpoints items are now in raw pixel values. They will be ran through the EM function within the mixin.


28th Mar 2017
  • This is a source enhancement and maintenance release and does not generate any additional output to the distributed CSS files.


    • Removed clearfix mixin as it was not generating any selectors and there are no plans to utilize it within the framework at this time.
    • Button sizes are now being handled with a @each loop and use the maps $button-sizes and $button-padding.


24th Mar 2017
  • This is a source enhancement release and does not generate any additional output to the distributed CSS files.


    • Space variables are now contained within a $spaces map and require map-get($spaces, KEY) to be used. This now allows the developer to add their own keys and appropriate padding and margin classes will be generated.
    • .padding-* and .margin-* utility classes now use @each loops to cycle through the key and value pairs in the $spaces map.
    • A $grid-breakpoints map has been created in the settings file. Keys found in the map should match the keys created within the $breakpoints map. This basically says create grid columns for these select breakpoints. e.g. .grid__column--{GRID #}--{BREAKPOINT}. So if a developer only wants to generate grids for the small and large breakpoints this will reduce extra classes from being generated.


15th Mar 2017
  • Note: This is a breaking release as it affects both the source files and distributed CSS files.


    • A new Sass function for EMs that is essentially the same function for REMS but outputs for the EM units.
    • All default breakpoints and media queries use values with EM units. This maintains the most cross-browser compatibility and avoids some of the browser-bug issues with using REMs.
    • The classes .padding-null and .margin-null have been removed. They have been replaced with .padding-nulled and .margin-nulled to maintain consistency with the already existing list modifier class, .list--nulled


10th Mar 2017
  • This is a critical patch release to address issues with how font sizes and line-heights were being displayed for some mobile devices. The -ms-text-size-adjust: 62.5%; and -webkit-text-size-adjust: 62.5%; properties originally set on the HTML element were causing the issue. These properties have been set to 100% to correctly respond to devices effected by these properties.